Bramnick: Democrats are ignoring New Jersey’s highest priorities

Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick wants to know when Democrats will address the most important issues facing New Jersey. While polls have consistently shown for years that people are most concerned about high taxes, the majority has a different agenda.

“New Jerseyans cannot possibly believe the Democrats’ agenda are New Jersey’s highest priorities,” said Bramnick (R-Union). “The legislature didn’t have a voting session in six months. And when we returned the Democrats posted bills giving criminals voting rights and financial aid, driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants, and make independent contracts jobless.”

Bramnick and Republicans have continually advocated for addressing the top concerns in New Jersey, such as lowering property taxes, improving New Jersey’s business environment, stopping high-density housing mandates, and making the state affordable for all.

“The question is whether Democrats in Trenton are addressing the most important issues,” said Bramnick. “I don’t think they are, and the majority of New Jersey doesn’t either.”

A Monmouth University poll found that most respondents name property taxes as the most important issue facing New Jersey, along with income taxes, taxes and the cost of living in general. An NJBIA-Rutgers poll had similar results, with approximately 80 percent of respondents saying they pay more in taxes than they get in return, and listing property taxes as the main problem. The same amount of people believe the government is not doing enough to solve that problem; their biggest concern.