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Assemblyman Jon M. Bramnick is an experienced lawyer, professor and dedicated public servant for the counties in New Jersey’s 21st district. Assemblyman Bramnick was elected by his colleagues in November 2015 to serve his third term as the Assembly Minority Leader, making him the highest-ranking member of the Republican Caucus in the Assembly.

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Video: Unbelievable

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Bramnick: ‘Listen to the AG’ and fix legal marijuana law again to eliminate harsh penalties for police

TRENTON, N.J. – New Jersey police can be subject to third-degree criminal charges for making honest mistakes by trying to investigate underage use of alcohol and marijuana. Assembly Republican Leader ...

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VIDEO: Proposed NJ budget: No new taxes, lots more spending

The election-year spending plan contains lots of tax cuts and credits, increases school formula aid funding and makes a full public pension payment for the first time since 1996. Republicans call ...

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Jon Bramnick On The Issues

From cutting taxes to education, Jon is working to make New Jersey a better place.