NEW AD: Balance with Bramnick

NEW AD: Balance with Bramnick
New Jersey State Senator Jon Bramnick Launches New Ad Campaign to Build On History of Promoting Civility in Politics

WESTFIELD– New Jersey State Senator Jon Bramnick launched a new ad campaign, “Balance With Bramnick,” aimed at highlighting the urgent need for balance in government.

The ad builds upon Bramnick’s long history of promoting civility in politics.

“We are a big state with lots of strong-willed people, but we can still get along even when we disagree,” said Bramnick. “We need a balanced government that puts partisan politics aside and works to deliver on key priorities like cutting taxes and making our state affordable.”

Those who want to join Senator Jon Bramnick in his mission to restore balance, unity, and pragmatic governance to New Jersey can visit

Transcript for Ad:

Rodney Laney: Give it up for Senator John Bramnick Bramnick: How’s everybody doing tonight?
Q Anon Shaman: January 6th never happened Bramnick: Really? Nothing? Nothing happened

Left wing Protestor 1: Defund the police Bramnick: Woah, bad idea.
Right wing protestor: Trump won the election

Bramnick: Let’s just move on, ok.
Left wing protestor 2: Free all the prisoners.
Bramnick: I don’t think so
Q Anon Shaman: It was a peaceful protest
Right wing protestor: The election was rigged.
Left wing protestor 1: Defund the Police.
Left wing protestor 2: Raise everyone’s taxes.
Bramnick: Don’t do that.
Bramnick Today we need to find balance in government,
(crowd applause)
Bramnick: Let’s start solving problems and stop screaming at each other. (crowd applause)

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Bramnick: We don’t need extremists running the state of New Jersey, or our national government. We want real people, looking for real solutions.

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